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Legacy Capital Investment is a conglomerate focusing on buy & holds and syndication in the U.S. East Coast including New York and the MidWest. We specialize in Mobile Home Parks and Apartments. By offering and managing a variety of attractive investment opportunities, we do the heavy lifting- so you can have a peace-of-mind knowing your money is in the secure hands of the Legacy Capital Investment experts! Whether you are a newbie or a professional real estate investor, LCI provides attractive investment opportunities that yields the returns you expect from your real estate investment.

What do you want your real estate investment legacy to be? Whatever it is, our passion is to help you get there! Whether you’re looking for short term, long term, or cash flowing investment, we got you covered!

We strongly believe in round table success including the well being & advancement of the communities we invest in. When you invest with LCI, you not only get the financial satisfaction, you will also get life satisfaction by seeing how your investment is making a difference in the communities.

Our core values are integrity, leadership, and excellent customer service. We’re always looking to provide you the best investment experience. We personally invest in each of our own deals as we strongly believe in putting our money where our mouth is. Look no further, join the Legacy Capital Investor Network!

Leadership Team

Megan Haggerty

Founder, Chief Executive Officer
Megan is a visionary entrepreneur who dreamed about building a different kind of real estate investment company, a real estate investment company that is genuinely interested in the well being of the communities they invest in and returns emotional and life satisfaction to investors along with the financial returns expected from their investment. Thus born Legacy Capital Investment in February 2018.

LCI has propelled to new heights in a short one and a half year journey and Megan has found a niche in Mobile Home Parks and Apartment Syndication. Megan is well on the way to create her own legacy in revolutionizing the Real Estate Investment industry.

Megan is a philanthropist by spirit, she’s on the board of a non-profit , "The Butterfly Project" dedicated to helping single parents create a life they love, by providing scholarships, educational opportunities, and much more. She dedicates a portion of her time to coaching individuals in various personal development programs such as Landmark Worldwide, each with a different commitment to making a difference in the world!

Anthony LoCascio

Chief of Operations & Director of Originations
Anthony is a determined, action oriented professional. He is committed to building an empire that runs with efficiency , clarity and ease.

Anthony’s mission is to support you in following your life with passion, freeing up your time to do the things that really matter to you- weather that’s traveling the world, or spending quality time with the people you love.

A summa cum laude graduate of Stony Brook University, Anthony graduated a year early with his degree in Business Management. Anthony took that extra year to explore the world- traveling to places such as Hawaii and all throughout Europe- building his compassion and ability to empathize with others. Anthony is keen with numbers, having focused on accounting during his time at University. Numbers aren’t the only thing Anthony has mastered: Customer Service is Anthony’s forte- he’s capable of dealing with your average investor to your billion dollar ultra high net worth individuals, and handles Investor Relations on a regular basis.

Anthony is also a natural born leader- he’s coached high performing CEO’s to live a life they love.

When Anthony and Megan crossed paths , they knew there was an instant synergy and underlying value: a commitment to build something much greater than themselves.

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